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WaSaBē MINT is a lush acronym for the middle way of life. I created this company as a way to honor the most influential times, places, and people in my life by sharing their gifts. As a long-time resident of Japan, enjoying Japanese sushi has been second nature. This delicious cuisine like all speaks to culture, value, and virtue. So, why wasabi? The spice of wasabi, as a staple there and has been known to not only enhance flavor but clear pathways. For me, the ancestors have done just that. Those enhancements and clear pathways allow dreams to take flight. And what about mint? The use of mint in Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world is vast. Mint soothes, creates ease, and refreshes. It represents new beginnings, prosperity, and luck. As a mother of four, my children, the next generation, are my new beginnings. It is the hope that these services will engage the new beginnings, prosperity, and luck lying dormant within you. By situating self in the middle of these concepts: the past and the present; the spicy and the cool; the knowing and unknown, I seek to anchor roots and expand wings for all.

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Wa-Warren, my bonus father.

First father to transition into the ancestral plane.  He represents great men who have protected and provided for me, the embodiment of the masculine principle and parental ancestors.


Sa-Sandra, my god mother.

First mentor and confidant to transitioned into the ancestral plane. She represents exceptional mentors who guided and embraced me; the embodiment of family existing beyond blood and marital ties. This is an ssential to expand our connection to other humans beings. 


Bē-Beatrice, my maternal grandmother.

The model for womanhood for my matrilineal line. She represents all inspiring women that have nurtured and supported me; the embodiment of the feminine principle and the elder ancestors. 


WaSaBē's mission is aligned with the energies of these beautiful spirit. It is therefore, our mission to provide healing tools that teach your protect your mind, body and spirit. We seek to guide and embrace who you truly are so we can nurture and support your goals. 



M-Marli, quirky Aquarius.

The baby of the family makes her own rules and creates rainbows wherever she goes. She sees treasures where others see trash and believes we can heal the planet.

I-Imani, "sagey" Taurus.

The wisdom body of the family refusing to compromise integrity for trends of the times. Once her mind is made, the world will only see a most charming unstoppable force.

N-Na'ila, confident Gemini.

The self assured energy of the family that reserving no qualms about letting go. Easily she frees anyone that fails to recognize her worth flowing toward what best suits her.

T-Tiye, conscious Virgo.

The connector energy of the family that seeks to create harmony and equality for all. Knowing the importance of building relationships, she advocates with a unique flare.

MINT's vision is aligned with the energies of these beautiful spirits. We seek to access the stream of your natural gifts in an uncompromising, unapologetic, and unwavering way.


clear it, create it, conquer it

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